Stop The Music, Hold Everything…I Just Found My Native Tongue

So, over the past several weeks, I have been drilling down…trying to “distill-while-still-in-the-act-of-seeking” my unique voice and vision as a photographer…or visual artist…or story-teller…or messenger of Christ. 

For so long it’s been one of those formless things; gnawing at me from the inside–trying to find it’s way out, yet completely uncooperative and elusive. Many have likened it to giving birth. And yes, I consider the fulfillment of my purpose as a visual story-teller the closest thing to a child I will be entrusted with bringing into this world.

I find myself spending double-then-quadruple the amount of hours as my classmates sifting through the internet to find imagery that properly represents the look, feel, and mood I am going for when I am in the conceptualizing stages of creating a photograph. I mean, how hard is it to find an authentic scream, an image that properly represents a soul’s cry for relief? Near impossible…not even with google, pinterest, or youtube scouring the internets for you.

It occurred to me the other day to begin searching for the emotion I was looking for in movement. Dance…I’d spent enough time in my sister’s multi-disciplinary recitals to know an emotion could consume you wordlessly from a dancer’s stage. 

There are SOOO many poor home-made videos from the audiences of those same recitals…but then. 

Then I stumbled upon these gems and I am hooked. I want to spend the rest of my life as a cinematographer of dance…or at least incorporate it heavily into my mixed-media language of sensory emotion. They are all great. But I have to start with the best…most amazing use of organic movement and digital technology. I would eat this piece if I could:

I don’t know if this is a growing genre, or where it is flourishing…but I am on a mission to find and follow after it. More to come. I am sure of it.